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Good morning Gents.

I would like to thank you both for getting our truck prepared for the show in time. I appreciate it can get quite hectic leading up to the show so sticking with time commitments is fantastic.

So until the next truck,
Thanks again
Andrew Taylor,
Managing Director

"It's great to see TNS Transport growing. Well done Tane!"  - Richard

Outstanding Presentation has always been at the very top of Paul Chappel's priorities, so the director of Auckland's Pyramid Trucking is "absolutely delighted" that his fleet has been judged the overall winner of the PPG Transport Imaging Awards for 2012.

"When Richard and his team started Transvisual 6 years ago our trucks were the first to go through their plant. They got the first one right and have asisted us in the improvements from then. I'd like to thank them personally for the effort they put into our fleet, not only for the look they provide but for the service, consistency and gurantee of their work"

- Paul Chappel, Pyramid Trucking

When Richard first prized his way in to my office 5 years ago I suggested I didn't think there was a place in Auckland for another truck painting business. Well he has proved me wrong and Transvisual now look after all of my fleet including new trucks, re-paints, cars , associated panel work and clear coating of our alloy tipping bins.

Typical of any good transport operation Richard and Julie have invested heavily in plant to achieve and deliver a very high standard of service.

I Choose Transvisual as my preferred supplier for all of our imaging requirements and recommend them highly to others.

Transvisual provide an exceptional standard of service. The company delivers on time and on budget. We are very confident on their continued excellent service and professionalism.

Maarten Durent, Southpac Trucks Ltd, Manukau City

Transvisual have become an integral part of our business due to their reliability, professionalism and above eveything else efficiency in the turn around of our vehicles.

In the freight industry it is important to deliver on time, every time and exceed our customer's expectations. By forging a strong relationship with Transvisual we have the ability to continue with our business causing minimal delays to our team and ultimately our customers.

TNT, Auckland City

In a high volume, high demand industry such as ours, Transvisual Spraypainters has proven to be both a professional and reliable partner alongside AB Equipment. We in turn have received numerous positive comments from our own customers regarding the high quality of finish provided, whether it is new forklifts or the restoration of Ex Lease forklifts. As part of their continuous improvement program, AB Equipment is always being updated with new initiatives to help promote the finish and quality of our products.

To this, I have no hesitation, in recommending Transvisual Spraypainters and its services to any person/s.

Anthony de Vries, NZ Sales Manager, TOYOTA Industrial Equipment

Your vehicle comes in here and goes out better than new.
There are no tell-tale signs of any repairs.

- Richard Ryan, Transvisual Director

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